Staffin is a large and friendly village with good local services. Click here for the Columba 1400 Community Centre, a great place for a reasonably priced cup of coffee, internet access or a meal. There are also some great hotels located within a few miles drive in the area providing excellent dining opportunities.

Take in the view at Kilt Rock viewpoint with its famous waterfall and go prepared for good views of nesting seabirds. Many species of birds of prey, including three pairs of sea eagles can be seen along Totternish Ridge, a 20 mile stretch of inland cliff. Dolphins, Minke Whales and Basking Sharks (the second largest living shark) can often be seen in the waters around this area and keep your eyes open for seals and otters basking in the sun along the shore. Sea and loch fishing are also available around Staffin.

Skye is known for its superb fossil hunting, the beaches of Brogaig and Staffin offer wonderful opportunities to search for fossil remains and many of the local finds are on display at the Staffin Museum.

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The island’s capital Portree is some 16 miles to the south and here you will find all the facilities you would expect of a thriving town.

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